Handmade Custom Design Cups with Gold 24c


These lovely handmade bone-china cups are illustrated with a clients home and neighbourhood in Amsterdam, NL. 

Ceramic, Bone-china, Cobalt oxide and finished with real gold. I do wash my own cups in the dishwasher, but I advise clients to hand wash their items. 

Would you also like to have custom made illustrations done?

1. Order the amount of cups. Cups costs:

- 30Euro for 1 cups with real gold.

- 60Euro for 2 cups with real gold.

- 90Euros for 4 cups with gold. 

-140Euros for 6 cups with gold. 

2. Send me photo's (5) of the place, person etc that you would like me to illustrate on the cup. info@carinaclaassens.com Please tell me the ammount that you would like to order. I will send you an invoice.

3. It will take 1 months to complete your order. 

These cups are handmade only for you :-) Nowhere else will you find these pieces as they are made with devotion and skill to capture the essance of the images you have sent. Coffee - Art - Love: A Cuppa of Bliss!