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A collaboration with 8 Elderly residents of De Lunetten and Alie Zieverink (photography). Some of them suffering from various stages of Dementia. It will be a collection of ceramics & multi media/medium pieces. Delving into their past and leaving breadcrumbs memories as clues...

Opening with drinks & snaks: 26 May 2023 @ 17:00

Address: Coehoornsingel 3, 7201 AA Zutphen


Collaborative Exhibition Celebrates the Lives and Stories of Elderly Residents at De Lunetten, Sensire in Zutphen
Zutphen, [26 May 2023 @ 17:00] — De Lunetten, Sensire is delighted to announce the opening of an extraordinary exhibition that showcases the remarkable collaboration between artist Carina Claassens and elderly residents, some of whom are living with various stages of dementia. The exhibition, which combines multimedia, medium pieces, and ceramic artworks/sculptures, will take place on May 26, 2023, at De Lunetten in Zutphen.

With great attention to detail, artist Carina Claassens has expertly captured the essence of the residents’ stories and experiences in her artwork with the assistance of Alie Zieverink. In her pieces, Claassens has incorporated forget-me-not flowers, symbolizing the importance of cherishing memories, as well as butterflies, representing the fleetingness of time and memories. Through her unique artistic vision, Claassens aims to spark reflection and appreciation for the wisdom and experiences of the elderly.

One of the remarkable aspects of this exhibition is the active involvement of the elderly residents themselves, who collaborated with Claassens in the creation of ceramic artworks and sculptures. These pieces serve as a testament to the residents’ creativity, talent, and resilience, offering a tangible representation of their journey and their unique perspectives.
In addition to celebrating the lives and stories of the elderly residents, this exhibition also aims to raise awareness about the challenges faced by the elderly community. It serves as a reminder that as a society, we must remain conscious of government and corporate efforts to cut costs in eldercare. The exhibition emphasizes the need for quality care and the recognition that each and every one of us, if willing, will inevitably grow old. Elderly individuals possess a wealth of knowledge and deserve the best possible care and support.