Empowerment in Clay: #MyBodyMyChoice Protest Art Cubes
Medium: Stoneware with Oxides, Engobes, and Glazes, Lithoprint with Self-Made Pigment Ink
Dimensions: 15cm (Width) x 15cm (Depth) x 17cm (Height)

Artists: Carina Claassens, November 2022


Celebrate the spirit of defiance with "Empowerment in Clay," a collection of 12 protest art cubes meticulously crafted to advocate for the #MyBodyMyChoice movement. The artist, a woman and a mother, passionately expresses her profound concerns about the recurring infringement on women's rights by religious and male authorities.

Each cube stands as a potent symbol of resistance and self-determination. Formed from stoneware and adorned with oxides, engobes, and glazes, the cubes resonate with the strength and resilience of women everywhere. Through innovative lithoprint techniques and self-made pigment ink, bold messages burn into the clay's very core, leaving a lasting impression of empowerment.
Unwavering and unyielding, these art pieces stand in solidarity, championing a world where women can reclaim their autonomy over their own bodies. Together, they convey a powerful narrative, inviting viewers to reflect on the importance of safeguarding personal choices and championing the cause of gender equality.

As you encounter "Empowerment in Clay," let the art inspire your advocacy, becoming a catalyst for change as we stand united to protect the fundamental right of every woman to determine what happens to her own body.

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