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Carina (CC) creates ceramic vases and bowls made to express the natural properties of clay. Her work is inspired by a variety of artists and media, notably the textile prints of Mark Hearld and ceramics by Artmore and Lauren Nauman. Carina also cites African, Native American and Chinese art forms as key influences.

Carina’s approach to making is intuitive and organic. Using mostly porcelain clay, her pieces evolve through processes of slab, coil building and pinching. Allowing the material to dictate, she embraces the meditative aspect of the work, so that a natural progression takes place from clay to vessel. Before the first firing Carina plays with the surface by adding slip mixed with oxides and stains. After the first firing she further decorates with colourful shapes and patterns. The finished piece is covered in a clear transparent glaze, deepening the colours and sealing the clay so that the vessel can be used for functional purposes. In other instances she does a risky high firing (1350’C) where the clay is being ‘vitrified ’. This brings out the luminosity of the porcelain clay and makes it sing when tapping the vessel.

Carina was born in South Africa and grew up on a beautiful wildlife nature reserve. Blyderiver (Bourkes Luck Potholes). She majored in Fine & Applied Art, where ceramics was one of her majors. Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria, graduating in 2003. She is currently based in The Netherlands, where she has been promoting South African visual and performing arts. 


Exhibition history:

2001 and 2002

~Polokwane Art Museum: Polokwane, South-Africa

~Carnaval: TuT University 2001, Pretoria, Zuid-Afrika



~AISM: Maputo, Mozambique

~Johannesburg Civic Centre: Johannesburg, South-Africa



~AISM: Maputo, Mozambique



~Jerry’s: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

~WG Kunst Galerie: Amsterdam, The Netherlands



~GZ8 Galerie Zuidvliet: Maasluijs, The Netherlands

~Landgoed Keukenhof Castle Fair: Lisse, The Netherlands



~Art Indaba, South African Residancy, Den Haag, The Netherlands

~ABC Treehouse Gallery: Amsterdam, The Netherland

~Grote Kerk Oosthuizen: Oosthuizen, The Netherlands

~Florence Biënnale 2007, Florence, Italy. (Launch of Memory Series)



~Dolmahbace Palace gallery: Instants, Istanbul, Turkey (Launch of Audio Memory Series)

~Galerie Walls: Thrill & Suspense, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

~Artstable Gallery: South African Group Exhibition, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

~Afrovibes, Frascati Theater & Galerie De Chiellerie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



~Florence Biennale Revisted in Holand, De Bunker, Den Haag, The Netherlands

~African Millenials, Lloyed Cultural Embassy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

~ALPOA, artSPACE Gallery, Berlin, Germany



~Sketchbookproject, USA, Art House Gallery , Atlanta; Brooklyn, NY, 303Grand; Brooklyn, NY , Brooklyn Art Library; Los Angeles, CA, Art and Shelter Gallery at Saint Louis, MO,Soulard Art Market Chicago, IL,Home Gallery.

~Kunstbeurs, GROTE KERK, ALKMAAR 16-18 April 2010, The Netherlands



~Sketchbookproject, USA

~Festival voor Afrikaans, June 2011. Tropentheater, Amsterdam, NL.






-UbuntuArts: Curating the first group exhibition in Amsterdam of 32 South African Contemporary artist since the early 90’ties. ABC Treehouse Gallery



-Afrovibes Festival: Curating “Identiteit, macht en verbinding” 9 Prominent South African Artists. Gallery de Chiellerie

- African Millenials: Curating and Organizing of Debate and Group Exhibition at the Lloyed Cultural in Amsterdam.



~Festival voor Afrikaans, June 2011. Tropentheater, Amsterdam, NL. Head of PR Marketing and Graphics.



-Launch of new Ceramic Design Series for CC ART'S. Focusing on porcelain ceramic design. Glazed fired to 1350’C. Using various glazes, mostly Caledon based glazes and the use of oxides and underglazes to create beautiful designs. Besides the Caledon designs Carina is focusing on combining the old Delft Designs and more modern street art and graffiti, combining the two very different styles with unique shapes. The work is both decorative but also functional.  Inspired by both South African & Benelux fauna and flora, and many everyday objects. Nostalgia is evoked and experience through each hand made piece.



~Festival voor Afrikaans, June 2011. Tropentheater, Amsterdam, NL. Artistic Director.



~AKA: Afrikaanse Kultuurfees Amsterdam, April 2016. Compagnietheater, Rialto Cinema, Melkweg, Zuid-Afrikahuis, Amsterdam, NL. Festival Director.



~Designing & building new ceramic series: Blue Lily

~Day of Reconing/Bijltjesdag: Artistic Director (Wardrobe, Set Design, Props).  April 2017


One of kind ceramic pieces. All handmade and signed with CC's potter's mark. No mass production, but each piece lovingly made by hand.

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