Cosmic Reverie Purple & Yellow Medium High


"Cosmic Reverie"


Medium: Stonware, oxides, pigments, minerals, glazes

Artists: Carina Claassens

Year: 2023

In the realm of Modern Art Galleries, I delve into the artistry of ceramics, creating sculptural spheres that transcend mere objects, beckoning viewers into a world of alluring colors and captivating effects. My chosen medium, stoneware, forms the foundation for my artistic journey, a journey that delves deep into the heart of raw minerals and self-made glazes.

With each piece, I invite you to witness the enchanting chemistry that transpires in the kiln. It's a dance of elements, an alchemical symphony, where stoneware transforms into something more profound. These transformations give birth to mesmerizing marshmallow hues, each sphere concealing the secrets of its creation. Crater glazes adorn the surfaces, providing an intricate texture that speaks of cosmic forces at play.

These spheres are, to me, like miniature galaxies. Each one encapsulates the vastness of the cosmos in its rounded form. And within these cosmic creations, the glazes themselves become stars, twinkling with colors that evoke the mysteries of the universe. The glazes' effects are not just random occurrences; they are carefully orchestrated constellations that invite you to explore the depths of the celestial.

Through this process, my work becomes a fusion of the ancient and the avant-garde, a visual narrative that intertwines the elemental history of ceramics with the contemporary spirit of self-expression. These spheres are more than just sculptures; they are portals to another dimension, where the wonder of chemistry and artistry intertwine to yield the extraordinary.

In each piece, you'll find a story, a journey, and an invitation to explore the beauty of the unknown. My ceramic spheres are not just objects of artistic endeavor but gateways to a world where raw minerals, self-made glazes, and the transformative power of the kiln converge to create extraordinary marshmallow-colored galaxies with starry glaze effects.

Welcome to the fusion of tradition and innovation, the intersection of the past and the future—welcome to the world of ceramic spheres.