CUBE 7: Can you hear me - Art Cube Memory Series

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9 Cubes made of ceramics stoneware slabs. Each piece is unique and address a memory, thought or concern. 

Each piece is handcrafted, sculptural pieces. Images printed using Lithography. Drawn images and transfers. Each flat survice has an unique artwork. 

For instance the one with blossoms refers to how girls steps into woman hood. How the heart-body-mind-soul form a union. Others deal with social issues. They are very tactile and one cant help but want to touch it. 

This series consist op 9 cubes. Each 9x9cm and fired up to 1200'C

Various glazes, underglases, oxides, stains, engobe and prints have been used.

You can eather buy 1 cube (250Euros) or all 9 cubes for ( 2000Euros)

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